Our Equipment

Cotton's has the trusted experience and excellent equipment you’re looking for. We put the industry’s newest and best equipment at your disposal – from wheel-lifts and flatbeds to trailers and a 75-ton rotator.

  • Weighing up to 60,000 lbs-plus. Our rotators can routinely handle these beasts, just as we can handle your cargo safely and efficiently.

    Our ultra-modern, light-duty wheel-lift tow trucks are designed to lift your vehicles by the tires alone, so the vehicle rides on its own suspension. The early days of lifting vehicles at the bumper are gone. Damage-free towing is now the norm.

  • Heavy duty towing is for HD vehicles. A heavy duty vehicle is any vehicle which it's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is anything above 26,001 (11,793 kg). These include all tractor trailer trucks.